The RiskFirst® Process

RiskFirst® - Defined

The RiskFirst® process combines active and passive strategies to participate in up-trends, but can become defensive amid higher market volatility.

Why You Should Consider RiskFirst® When Investing

We believe the most important risk to individual investors is the loss of capital, measured by peak to trough draw-downs. Our RiskFirst® approach seeks to manage those draw-downs within pre-defined limits, while at the same time aiming to optimize return. If you are in retirement or 5-15 years from retirement, your money is too important to simply assume that recovery from losses will happen. This is why we built and utilize our RiskFirst® Strategy. We believe that managing downside risk first, best positions investors for forward looking success.

What Are the Expectations?

Rather than focusing on an annualized historical return, The Linden Group utilizes a RiskFirst® process that uses Engineered Risk-Budgeted (ERB) Models with Riskalyze to set return expectations at 6 months (on a 95% confidence interval). This can help investors to stay on track to reach their financial goals.

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